Fly in 3D Newspapers from CRUELLA (After Effects Tutorial)

Learn how to create the fly in 3D newspapers from Disney+ movie Cruella (2021) in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

3D Camera Tracking

The news articles and headings that fly in as seen in Disney+ Cruella are placed in a 3D scene. This is done by tracking the real camera movement and creating a virtual camera from that.

We’ve seen this 3D camera tracking technique many times before on the channel. However, it’s always a little bit different depending on the elements you place in your scene. Inspired by Cruella (2021), we added these news articles and headings into the scene.

News Article Text

There’s a specific style to news article text. It’s not just a font, but a texture. Definitely when you’re movie is about past events, you want to get that paper look in there. So in this tutorial we show you how to blend a paper texture onto your text.


Big thanks to Storyblocks for sponsoring this video. We were able to find some great animated paper textures in their library. This saves us time and money as we can focus on other creative tasks.

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