Learn how to motion track inside Adobe After Effects and create Sci-Fi elements and radars from the Rocketstock Interface Pack.

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We don’t publish After Effects tutorials that often, but when we keep it for beginners. One of the most used tools in After Effects is the motion tracker. This is a tool that allows you to track the movement of you actor. Once you understand how this technique works, you can basically assign anything to that tracking point.

In this tutorial video we’ll be using Rocketstock’s Interface, which is a pack with more than 400 Sci-Fi elements. Simply drag and drop to create your own custom designs.

You can download the the project file from the big button above and all the elements used in the video (from Rocketstock Interface) are in there as well!


The Setup

Sci-Fi Film Set

We had a lot of fun shooting a demo for the tutorial. You can get pretty creative with lighting and set dressing for a sci-fi themed scene.

We simply put up some fake walls with some black plastic around it. On here we applied some Auralex foam which we had laying around. It has a nice shape which helps to create long depth to the back. Underneath the foam we applied an LED strip, which we put on green lighting.

Further more we mostly worked with magenta lighting from the back and green lighting on the front (key light). This color contrast creates a lot of depth, which suits perfect for this sci-fi genre. To keep the sin tones natural, we’ve added some clean tungsten lighting from the front. It’s an 800W redhead with softbox as you can see in the picture above.

Motion Track

Once we had the demo clip, we could bring it into After Effects to motion track. Instead of using the automatic ‘camera tracker’, we used the manual ‘motion tracker’, which gives us more control. Tracking doesn’t always go as planned, so it’s important you keep an eye to your tracking points. Every time they move to a wrong position, stop your tracking and preposition them.

RocketStock Inferface

Featuring over 400 video elements, the Interface pack is the definitive Heads Up Display (HUD) pack. Whether enhancing futuristic videos, adding impact to corporate projects or beyond, this collection makes it easy to build your ideal HUD. With Interface, you have total creative control. Large resolution files make for seamless scalability, while in, out, and loop options allow for customized timing.