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Remove a logo in After Effects

Published on

After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Retouch, Tracking

Is there is a distracting logo in your shot? No problem! Learn how to remove that with beginner tools in Adobe After Effects using basic masking.

We try to do our best but it’s not always so easy to film everything correctly. Luckily we have the post production to fix those issues.

An issue that I’m usually facing is that there’s a logo of a certain brand in the picture that the client doesn’t want. Then it’s up to us to remove that logo in After Effects.

Sometimes it’s easy to clean that up, but there’re situation when it’s not so easy. But essentially it always comes down the the same technique.

The first step we have to do is track the camera movement. Then the second step is to hide the logo. In that second part, we usually look for a similar spot that hasn’t got the logo. For example, when the logo is on a wall, we take a piece of that wall which hasn’t got any information on it. Then drag that piece on top of the logo to hide it. And because we are working with video, we use the camera tracking to make the piece of wall stick on the logo.

8 thoughts on “Remove a logo in After Effects”

  1. Hey CineCom,

    I really glad to see your work, I just have one question but if we have animation logo roaming around all video

    So how we can remove that watermark, As I know Removing simple watermark, it’s just like a piece of cake,

    I believe you can give some idea

  2. WOW, wonderful! thanks. How to remove the runner beside the lake? In this video, you don’t teach us. Where can I find the tutorial? Thank you!

  3. This is easy with solid color from the wall but how to remove logo tv from a movie without bluring the video? Can you help me?

  4. Hey, just wanted to let you know that you can do this in Prem Pro CC.

    Place a colored still (same color as wall, use colorpicker) under your video.
    Mask your logo, and track it. Use inverse mask,

    that’s it.


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