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Rotation Reveal In After Effects from Ariana Grande

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After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, rotation effect, rotobrush

Recreate Ariana Grande’s music video ‘Positions’ in Adobe After Effects. Learn how to create a seamless transitions with the Rotobrush and rotation tool.

Who doesn’t love transitions

It’s been a while since we did a Copy Cat about transitions… But we’re back now! It’s been a crazy year and sadly not a lot of music videos and movies came out, but it seems like it’s finally picking up again!

Last week Ariana Grande released her new music video Positions. Here you can see this cool transition where the room rotates around Ariana making her go from room to room. And you guys went nuts! We got so many comments about it we don’t have a choice but to recreate this!

Ariana Grande Positions Transition
Ariana Grande Positions

dave meyers

This video and many other ones of Ariana were directed by a well know director, Dave Meyers. And we understand her 100% why she loves to work with him. He’s insanely talented and always brings something new to the table. But next to his Music Videos he also does commercials which are out of this world.

In his Mercedes Believe commercial he tells a strong story but next to this it has some amazing simple yet strong visuals effects.

Like for example this one! Here you can see someone on a BMX doing a trick on the wall. Looks super cool but is also fairly easy to make. You just need 2 shots, one of a room and another top shot of someone doing a trick at the same angle it would be on the wall. Bring these 2 shots to Premiere Pro, adjust the top shot on the wall, mask around it and voila the effect is done.

Dave Meyers Mercedez commercial

Another one is this shot right here. Here you see a woman kind of coming out of a drawing. Again really cool but fairly easy! Here you’ll need to top shots, one of a sketch and another one of someone reaching out of it. Here you have to pay attention! Make sure both shots align when recording, you want the body and the sketch to align as perfect as possible. Going to post production you can put the reaching out clip above your sketch and start masking. Here you’ll need to pay attention where and how much you feather to the blend look realistic.

Dave Meyers Mercedez Commercial

Storyblocks video

This video was sponsored by Storyblocks. It’s an enormous online library full of high quality HD and 4K stock clips, After Effects templates, collections and much more. We use the library on a weekly base to download overlay effects, like smoke, dust particles, flares,… You can download an unlimited amount of clips for only one price per year so it’s super useful to have.

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