Learn how to run lightning fast like Sonic the Hedgehog in this Adobe After Effects tutorial. Create a lightning and fast running effect.

Hey guys, it’s our favorite day of the week. It’s weekend! No I’m just kidding, it’s Copy Cat Friday time. The most awesome YouTube series on the internet. We always try to follow the trends and keep in mind what you guys would like to see. And recently we saw a trend that wasn’t that positive, but we couldn’t really let it pass. As you probably saw, the trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog drop recently and comments about his look weren’t that nice. Well I’m not the biggest fan of Sonic in general and okay he doesn’t really look the same as the cartoon. But that doesn’t really bother me. What really interests me is how to be as fast as Sonic and that is what we are explaining in this weeks video.

And now that we are talking about the new live action movie of Sonic, I also want to go further with this new live action trend. It seems that Hollywood is trying to make every old cartoon into a live action film. For example the Lion King is coming out, same as Aladdin. Two of my favorite Disney movies from when I was young. And I guess I’m looking forward to the movies, but honestly I’m also a bit scared. And this fear is quite substantiated as I have bad experiences with live action movies of my favorite cartoons. The movies that I’m speaking of are Avatar the last airbender and Dragonball Z. Both super bad adaptations of the original cartoons, a real horror to watch (and I normally love horrors). That’s why I’m quite skeptic about the entire turning cartoons into live action trend, why remake something if it’s already perfect?


Sonic the Hedgehog Lightning Effect

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