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We used Adobe’s New A.I. for Video!! (it’s scary)

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AI Tools

Adobe After Effects, Tips and Tricks

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Learn how to use Adobe’s groundbreaking AI tool, Firefly. Discover how to incorporate Firefly into your workflow to create better visual effects.

Brace yourselves for Adobe’s latest AI tool: Generative Fill. As part of the thrilling Project Firefly, this AI monster is ready to revolutionize your Creative work.

Using Adobe’s Ai For Video

We all know the tedious routine of removing an object using the clone stamp tool or content-aware fill for a clean plate in After Effects, but what if there was a better way? Imagine this, instead of painstakingly painting out an object with the precision of a Renaissance artist, you whip out the new AI-powered Generative Fill tool. A simple text prompt in Photoshop Beta, And just like that, your object is poof, gone! Perfectly clean plates, no sweat, no fuss. Isn’t the future wonderful?

Next, let’s talk about set extensions. Gone are the days when transforming an ordinary desert scene into a futuristic dystopia meant days of meticulous work. Enter the Generative Fill tool, ready to infuse your scene with a fresh dose of creativity. Want some hi-tech domes lining your coastline? Just go into Photoshop and select your area, input your wish to the tool, and watch as it materializes on your canvas.

Then, it’s back to After Effects to bring it all together. Import your creation, track your scene, and carefully align your generated elements with your footage. Add some finishing touches and voila! A breath-taking set extension, all thanks to a dash of AI magic.

A.I. Limitations

As magical as this new tool is, remember it’s still in its infancy, so there are some quirks to work around. You can’t generate the same thing twice on different images, and it might sometimes conjure up a few surprising results. But hey, isn’t that the joy of exploring new frontiers?

In conclusion, far from leaving us jobless, Adobe’s Generative Fill is empowering us to push our creative boundaries and breathe new life into our work. So, buckle up, VFX artists, photographers, and digital creators; a fun, AI-empowered journey awaits us. And who knows, it might even lead us to some new creative heights!


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