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This Free A.I. Tool Will Change Deepfakes Forever

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AI Tools

A.I., deepfake, Tutorial

Learn how to create realistic deepfakes in one single click with A.I. tools. In this tutorial video we deepfake ourselves in the Last of Us.

What is Deepfaking?

Deepfaking is a technique that uses AI algorithms to create videos that mimic a person’s facial expressions, voice, and body movements. You can create Deepfake video by training machine learning models on large datasets of images and videos . Once trained, the AI can be used to generate new videos by swapping out the original person’s face with another person’s face or creating entirely new video content based on a few input parameters, such as facial expressions and voice.

Just like we did with our Kendrick Lamar deepfaking video. Here we switched between Jordy, Lorenzo and myself. Creating smooth and realistic transitions between each face. replicating Kendrick’s video perfectly.

How to Deepfake like Kendrick Lamar Tutorial
How to Deepfake like Kendrick Lamar Tutorial

Applications of Deepfaking

Deepfaking has numerous applications, including in the entertainment industry, where they use it to create realistic looking special effects and to enhance the overall production value of films and games. For example, the time that we create a parody on Home alone. Here we added the face of Silvestre Stallone on Kevin’s face. transforming the video in Home Stallone. A true master piece!

Home Stallone - Cinecom Parody
Home Stallone – Cinecom Parody

In addition to entertainment, Deepfaking can make educational settings more engaging and interactive. For example, it can be used to create virtual tutors or to simulate historical events, providing students with a more immersive learning experience.

Ethical Concerns

While deepfaking has many potential applications, it also poses significant ethical concerns, particularly when used for malicious purposes. For example, some use deepfaked videos to create fake news, disinformation, and propaganda. But also use it to impersonate individuals and to manipulate public opinion, creating chaos and confusion.

So in conclusion, deepfaking is a powerful technology that has numerous applications, but it also poses significant ethical concerns. As with any new technology, it is crucial to weigh its potential benefits against its potential risks and to take steps to mitigate those risks. It is essential to develop clear ethical guidelines and regulations to avoid problems in the future.


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