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Should Filmmakers Fear A.I.?

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AI Tools

A.I. Tools for editing, cinematograhpy, Visual Effects

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Learn how to use ChatGPT 4, MidJourney 5, Runway and other A.I. tools to create an entire short movie in this tutorial video.

A.I. tools

Get ready to dive into a realm where AI meets cinema magic. We made a test, where A.I. created a short film from idea to final product, and the results are mind-boggling! An exhilarating journey, tapping into the powers of AI tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, Runway Gen 2, and Topaz’s Video AI.

But wait, does AI mean creative jobs are history? Far from it! Our experiment led us to a groundbreaking realization: AI doesn’t steal jobs; it births new horizons. It’s not competition; it’s a turbo boost for your imagination.

Chat GPT prompting

Imagine this: you’ve got an idea and script, but you feel it’s lacking something. That’s where ChatGPT waltzes in. With its language prowess, it crafts dialogues and plot twists faster than a sprinting cheetah. It’s your creative brainstorming genie! It can help you get that something extra for you story.

Then, MidJourney enters, turning your words and ideas into visual spectacles. Perfect for concept design or maybe even VFX, where you can use MidJourney to generate background or textures. It’s a tool to help you visualize your ideas quickly. But it’s still lacking in the realism department.

MidJourney Prompting

And the cherry on top? Topaz’s Video AI enhances your footage into unseen level. This is truly an A.I. that everybody needs to look at. With their Video A.I. tool, you can upscale, enhance, denoise your footage and the results are truly mind-blowing. Just like their Photo A.I. tool which delivers the same quality results.

So, what did we learn? AI isn’t replacing us; it’s our ally. It’s not about job loss, but role evolution. It’s the spark igniting creativity, carving new paths and horizons. Remember, AI is a co-pilot, not a pilot. It’s a partner enhancing our craft. Let’s embrace AI as a trailblazing tool, fueling our cinematic adventures. The era of AI-augmented artistry is here, a fusion of human genius and AI wizardry.


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