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DeepFake Tutorial: A beginners Guide with DeepFace Lab

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Beginners, deepface, deepfake, faceswap

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Learn how to deepfake or faceswap using DeepFace Lab in this step-by-step tutorial guide for beginners. Bonus tips and tricks from a professional deepfake artist.

“OMG that is dangerous for society, it will cause World War III!”
Ok boomer… Relax!

Yes, deepfake can be used for illegal purposes that are not tolerated by society, but that’s what they also said about Photoshop when that came out. And nowadays everyone uses Photoshop or other apps to manipulate images.
Think about all the possibilities that are available with the deepfake technology.

If an actor has an accident or problem during a shoot, they no longer have to postpone the shooting, they can just shoot his face and put it on a stunt double or look-a-like and therefor keep the costs of the production a lot lower.
Another usage of deepfake can be when one of the actors in a movie has suddenly died, normally they would have to find a look-a-like or recreate that person in 3D. With deepfake, they can still keep the real face of the actor and use it again on someone else’s body.
This may seem a little bit disturbing but it’s a nice way to tribute that person.
Deepfake can be really fun, just think about your favorite actor and your favorite movie, and now -with the help of deepfake- you will be able to put the actor in that movie!
You can even de-age someone, or do exactly the opposite.
And… You can let photographs or paintings come to life.

Einstein Living Portrait
Albert Einstein Living Portrait

Don’t be afraid, for every problem there is a solution, they already invented technology that can detect deepfake videos. So we will always be able to prove if something is real or fake.
Oh and if you ever fantasized about a specific actor or actress… There’s also deepfake pornography, look it up! 😉

Putin Deepfake Test
Deepfake test Putin

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