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Luminar Neo: This Powerful A.I. Replaces your Tools

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AI Tools

photo editing, Photoshop

Cinecom Complete Bundle

(sponsored) – A.I. is taking over the world by storm and Luminar Neo from Skylum takes that to the next level. And this in a positive note, because it’s helping us to become better content creators. It can be a source of inspiration, like generating concepts with Midjourney or Dall-E 2. But it can also help us in speeding up our workflow. Giving us more time to create quality content.

And one of the tools that help us create, is Luminar Neo from Skylum. It’s an easy-to-use photo editing software, which holds all the known editing tools. But it’s more than that! It also uses innovative AI-driven tools that can take your photography to a whole new level. And for us it helps us with creating our thumbnails at a record pace.

Creating Thumbnails

Throughout the years, we experimented a lot with different kind of styles for our thumbnails. And one aspect that keeps working for us and everybody else, are emotions. Just look at thumbnails of Mr beast. In every one, you can see him with a certain emotion. Just like you can see Jordy in our thumbnails.

But like you probably all know or experienced, removing the background and masking somebody out is quite hard. In the past Jordy’s hair made us lose a lot of time. But now with using Luminar Neo, is actually just a few clicks. They have a super powerful Background removal A.I., that cuts out hair perfectly.

Background Removal A.I. Tool
Luminar Neo: Background Removal A.I. Tool

A.I tools for 3D Texturing

VFX is one of the passions here at Cinecom. And that sometimes involves 3D stuff. Now personally I find texturing one of the hardest things about 3D. And when looking for the perfect texture, I often find one in a low quality making it useless. However since we started using Luminar Neo, we can easily enhance every image asset we find.

First of all, we use their Upscale A.I. tool to increase the resolution. Then with the Noiseless A.I. we remove all the noise with a few clicks. Making texturing in our 3D software so much easier and fun. We always have the perfect texture in high resolution.

Luminar Neo

Now you can do so much more with Luminar Neo. Like they have a tool to enhance your portrait pictures to a professional level. You can replace skies with so much ease it’s ridiculous. They literally have an A.I tool for everything. Making the creation process so much easier.

Luminar Neo: Portrait Retouching and Enhancing
Luminar Neo: Portrait Retouching and Enhancing

Luminar Neo is a must have for everybody working with photos. From photographer to content creators. Get Luminar Neo with the best deal before the price raise. Ow yeah don’t forget to use the coupon CINECOM at checkout for an exclusive ten-percent discount on a Luminar Neo Yearly Subscription!

Cinecom Complete Bundle

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