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These 5 Audio Tricks are Amazing

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Audio Tutorials

audio, Sound design, Sound recording

Learn how to capture better audio and create more dynamic in your videos with these 5 simple tips and tricks for sound design and audio post processing.

What’s better to start the week then a cool Creative Tuesday. But this weeks Creative Tuesday isn’t only cool it’s also very important for filmmakers. And you can already feel me coming with my sound is important speech, which really is guys. That’s why these 5 audio tricks can help you with your next film project and take it to the next level.

Like I just said, sound is very important and will help you with setting the mood of you video. A great example for this is a horror movie, which heavily depend on sound. Now imagine a horror movie without any sound, it will lose most of it’s tension and scariness. This is because they use scary music and sounds to build that mood and atmosphere. And you are probably saying how can sound be that scary. Well picture yourself alone in an abandoned house, it’s completely silent and suddenly you hear a creaking sound and a child laughing. Super scary no? And this is all because of that creaking sound and the laugh.

Of course without any sound it would also be scary, because you don’t know what’s out there. Here the lack of sound and the image will contribute to the scariness level. But this is the beauty of film making, combining images and sound in the best why to create the perfect mood and atmosphere. The possibilities are endless. And that’s why sound is also super important in you videos.


Affordable audio solutions for filmmakers. Saramonic introduces the SmartMic+, a directional pocket mic for your android or iOS device. The SP-RX9 is a super small package able to receive 2 wireless lavalieres, connect an XLR microphone with phantom power and 2 mini-jack inputs.

2 thoughts on “These 5 Audio Tricks are Amazing”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I bought one of those Saramonic Mics because of this video and it rocks! I’ll be taking this on a Portugal trip in a few weeks and look forward to seeing how light I can travel while still making some cool little videos.

    You guys are the best. Keep up the great work!


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