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Avoid these audio issues: 5 easy tricks

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Audio Tutorials

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5 Common audio issues and how to avoid them. In this tutorial you learn tips and tricks to improve your sound and even fix errors in editing with the ERA 4 plugins.

This week we’re giving you 5 tips on how to avoid audio problems. Now some mistakes are fixable in post production, hence why we use the plugins by our sponsor Accusonus. However… Some mistakes aren’t.

Is this mic on

About a year ago I was filming an interview for a client. Because I was occupied with focusing on 2 cameras, I let someone else monitor my audio gear, but I totally forgot to mention that this person also had to press record on that device.
So we filmed for about an hour, I was wrapping up the cameras and then the realization came that I forgot to mention to press record. I trusted this person to be smart enough to acknowledge that she still had to press record, but unfortunately. I listed to the playback and no files could be found.

So there I was, panicking… How to tell your client that you made a huge mistake and you don’t have any audio?!
I decided to be completely honest. I told them that there was no audio recorded and that we had to shoot all over again. Luckily there was still enough time to do all of this. So that’s a mistake that you really should avoid. Always press the record button of your audio gear and double check if it is recording!

Another mistake that you should avoid is, always bring ear pods or a headset with you so you can monitor the sound. Every problem that can be avoided during the shoot should be avoided during the shoot. It gives you more of a relaxed feeling during the edit and you’ll have more time to worry about other stuff while editing.



This video was supported by Accusonus, use their ERA4 plugins to clean up your audio recordings and get rid of noise, reverb, clipping and much more problems.

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