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My New Favorite Microphone (Deity D4 DUO)

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The new Deity D4 DUO is the most versatile video microphone I’ve ever seen. The video-mic is packed with features.

Deity D4 DUO

The new Deity V-Mic D4 DUO microphone is build for vloggers because of it’s duo microphone system. You have one pointed forward and the other to the back, capturing audio from both sides.

This is a great feature as it allows you to speak into the camera, but also turn your camera around and still speak while it captures your audio.

Deity D4 DUO microphone
Duo Mics on the Deity D4 DUO

For a long time I’ve been waiting for such a microphone, and it’s finally here!

But that’s the not only the feature the D4 DUO comes with. One of the most exciting things is probably the input jack in the mic itself.

You can attach any kind of extra microphone to this input and it will send that signal to one of the stereo channels. The rear mic on the D4 DUO will be disabled, but the front mic will still be used and sent to the other stereo channel.

From now on, we always have this mic attached to our camera. And whenever we use a lavalier mic, we plug it into the Deity.

Video Microphones

For a long time we’ve been using the video microphone from Rode. I do love the sound quality of the VideoMic Pro+, but it doesn’t come with the features that the Deity D4 DUO has.

In my opinion, the D4 picks up a little too much reverb as you can hear in the video. But we’re also looking at a price point of $89. Hopefully we can see a Pro version of the D4 DUO somewhere in the future and enjoy both great features and pro audio quality!

Big thanks to Deity for their sponsorship! You can find out more about the Deity V-Mic D4 DUO here.

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