Easy Sound Design Tips that mean BIG

//Easy Sound Design Tips that mean BIG

Simple audio tips and tricks to create a more dynamic soundscape. Learn how to make a good sound design for your videos with Premiere Pro.

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A very common mistake made by beginning filmmakers is overlooking their sound design. A good sound design can really bring your film to life and give it that something extra. So don’t overlook your sound or spend to little time on it, bad sound will damage your film. Did you never noticed that when you’re watching a film in bad resolution you can still watch it. But when the sound is really bad it’s unwatchable? That’s why we made a tutorial with 5 tips how you can improve you’re sound design and take your film making to the next level.


A great example for the perfect sound design is the movie Dunkirk from Christopher Nolan. This WW2 war movie shows the story about British soldiers who are stranded on the shores of Dunkirk. The film combines grappling images and even more intense sound design. The sound editors did a stunning job by bringing the movie to life with hyper realistic sounds. They build a rich, dense and immersive sound track that  incorporate the hard environments and dangerous situations.

But what made this sound design so good and intense? What is their secret? Well it’s quite simple, they made use of an auditory illusion called the Shepard Tone. In this video below they explain it very simply.


We wanna thank PremiumBeat for sponsoring this episode again. They provided us the songs from the examples, which we picked out from their library. They also have a huge library with sound effects for every situation and action.

The song you heard in the beginning of the video is called “It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia” and also comes from Premiumbeat

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