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I Sound Designed Mortal Kombat with my Voice

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Audio Tutorials

Challenge, mortal kombat, Sound design, voice over

I stripped the audio from the Mortal Kombat movie Trailer and sound designed it again using nothing but my voice and editing tricks.

Sound Design

Since we started out with the channel, we’ve covered sound design various times. The art of recording audio to edit that in your film. This is the role of the foley artist.

But why do we sound design? Can’t we just record the audio on set? Of course we can, and some audio is definitely used in post. Think of dialogue, which is very tricky to dub.

But not all sounds are being recorded well on set. Usually these are details like clothing, materials, footsteps, etcetera. Often times we need the microphone close to these actions, which is impossible to record live. Other times, the real sound is not exactly what we want.

You might like the sound of heavy footsteps, but in reality that audio isn’t so badass. Or sounds that are just impossible to get on set. Think of cracking bones, hits or artificial sounds. Here it’s our job to mimic those sounds afterwards.

Foley Artist
Foley Artist Breaking Vegetables for the sound of cracking bones.


Big thanks to Accusonus for their support on this video. Their ERA5 bundle is a collection of audio restoration plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro. Check out the most affordable audio solution!

2 thoughts on “I Sound Designed Mortal Kombat with my Voice”

  1. haha.. weer top gedaan Jordi geweldig!ik ga dat ook eens uit proberen . Maar heb een vraagje voor Yanick hoe kan je een bek van hond of kat laten bewegen dat zou leuk zijn dat jullie dat ook eens iets over laten zien! ik doe veel avonturen filmpjes maken met mijn honden ik zie wel veel filmpje met dieren die dan spreken zo iets zou ik ook graag in één van mijn speelfilmpje willen maken.
    groetjes Chris jullie grote Fan


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