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Tips for Cinematic Sound in your B-Roll Videos

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Audio Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro, audio, deity, Microphone

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How to record better audio when shooting b-roll for a cinematic video. Tips and tricks for post-production effects and sound design in this tutorial.

When we received the microphones from Deity at our office the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I was just going to leave to Seoul South-Korea to shoot a short documentary series about E-sports. To be more specific the Heartstone Master Tour. This gave me the perfect opportunity to test out this microphone for 10 days straight in a real life scenario.

With me I choose to take the Deity V-Mic D3 Pro.  I used this microphone for different kinds of recordings. Form B-roll to interviews to voice-overs.

Deity microphone being in use
Walking with the Deity V-Mic D3 Pro
Deity microphone being used for Broll
Sitting with the Deity V-Mic D3 Pro
Deity microphone being used for interviews
Interviewing with the Deity V-Mic D3 Pro

While shooting I never had time enough so everything needed to be fast. Luckily this microphone had a dial on the back which was LIFE SAVING! Whenever I was doing my interviews I just needed to turn the dial and that was it. I didn’t need to waste any time in the menus.

Dial on the back of the Deity V-MIC D3 Pro

Something you would easily take for granted but is very handy is the long battery life. It has an internal battery so you don’t need to bring extra batteries with you. Next to this it has a long battery life, I didn’t even charged the microphone once in the whole trip! Other benefits are that it’s small enough to put easily in your backpack and that it turns itself on automatically when you turn on the camera.


Big thanks to Deity for their support on this video. Check out the microphone below that we used to make this video:

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1 thought on “Tips for Cinematic Sound in your B-Roll Videos”

  1. The Deity mic looks great for what it is. If you’re just one person run and gun shooting it’s a good solution.

    However as Jordi points out in his B Roll video, a boom mic close to the subject works much better. It’s just the nature of sound, the farther away the mic is the more other sounds creep in.

    In Lorenzo’s video at 5:47 and 7:10 the mic IMO is way too far away. The street sounds of some machine interfere in the first part, then at 7:10 it sounds like a waterfall.

    A couple of thoughts to improve-
    1) Move camera closer to the guys so less background sound intrudes.
    2) Shoot some room tone so you can mix in post and reduce sudden sound changes and possibly EQ out the excessive noise.

    Keep ’em coming!


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