10 Creative HACKS & TRICKS for Action Cameras (Insta360 GO2)

10 creative camera tricks & hacks that you can do with an action camera. We’re using the Insta360 GO2 in this filmmaking tutorial video.

Actions Cameras

Small action cameras are a lot of fun! They can be mounted in tiny places and can capture unique camera angles. The Insta360 GO2 is no different, in fact it could be the world’s smallest action camera.

Such a tiny action camera can take those ‘camera tricks’ to a new level, and in this video we’ve got 10 of those!

Creative Tricks

Actions cameras are lightweight and can be mounted in various places. With some creative thinking, we can come up with unique camera movements and tricks.

One thing that immediately came to my mind was mounting the GO2 to and RC car. And not just any RC car, but a very tiny one!

I was able to drive through small spaces, which looks amazing! We even attached the GO2 to a bottle and pulled it through a long pipe as we followed that RC car.

Insta360 GO2 RC Car
The Insta360 GO2 following an RC car through a pipe

Insta360 GO2

Big thank to Insta360 for sponsoring this video! You can check out the GO2 and all it’s accessories here.

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