5 Creative Tripod Hacks

//5 Creative Tripod Hacks

Tripod hacks every filmmaker needs to know to take your camera movement to the next level. Create cinematic shots by only using your tripod.

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We recently received a new Tripod from a starting company named MeFOTO. They started a kickstarter to fund their new video tripod, called the MeVIDEO. The tripod is designed with one goal in mind, to create the most beautiful travel tripod for on-the-go filmmakers. But it’s not only beautiful, it’s also very versatile. And because it’s completely made out of Carbon fiber, it’s super light weight making it the perfect travel tripod. This in combination with the simplicity of using it, makes it the ideal tripod for beginning filmmakers and even experienced ones. Not only the design amazes, it also has some nifty extra features. One feature that we absolutely have to mention is the fact that it’s also a Monopod. You can screw off one leg and attach the fluid head to the one loose leg, creating a Monopod.

So when we got this tripod, we were inspired to do another tripod tricks video. In this tutorial video we use the full potential of the MeVIDEO tripod to explain some new creative tricks. Of course you can do much more with this awesome tripod, like the famous Steadycam and so on. But for this video we really focused on the features of the MeVIDEO.


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MeVIDEO tripod

We set out to create the most amazing travel video tripod ever. One that is intuitive, full with features and absolutely beautiful. A must have for every traveling filmmaker.

Lights used in the video


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