Frame and animate your camera movements in post-production with the Insta360 ONE-X! In video we’re showing 11 creative camera tricks using this 360-camera and editing it inside Adobe Premiere Pro.

Today’s video is rather different than we usually do. A company by the name of Insta360 sent us a very interesting camera. It’s their ONE-X, a 360 pocket camera with great specs! For a long time 360-cameras where barely usable due to their low quality. I remember purchasing a Theta S from Ricoh, which was ground braking by the time.But compared to modern DSLR’s, it was still pretty bad.
The reason behind is that 360 cameras need a lot of resolution as it wraps and stitches the image of two lenses together. There happens a lot in the background to the image, making it look pixelated very quality. Even 4K resolution cameras are not enough.

The insta360 ONE-X features 5.7K resolution, which is starting to become decent. I still wouldn’t use this very often in a 4K workflow, but in a 1080p sequence it looks super crisp!

Expensive Cameras

Bigger products could of course create rigs where they mount several GoPro’s or even RED Cinema cameras in such a way that you end up with 18K resolution. But who has that budget? On top of the budget, you’re gonna need to do everything manually. This means: aiming the cameras correctly, stitching the shots together, etcetera.

Rig with 8 RED Cameras

Rig with 8 RED Cameras

Insta360 ONE-X

So that brings us back to the Insta360 ONE-X. For a very affordable price, you can start shooting 360 video from your pocket. Being so compact and giving you all of its post-production features on your phone, it’s pretty awesome! For cinematographer/filmmakers I don’t see this tool to be so useful (yet), but if you’re a vlogger, traveler or social media person; definitely check it out!