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How to film a report for an event

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Camera Tutorials

Event, Report, Tips

Learn the fundamentals of filming a good news report to make your event video look professional. Download our free checklist.

We cannot make any preparations when making a video for an event. Well, that is not entirely true. Of course we can’t make a storyboard or a plan for the lighting. But we do can prepare the topics we would like to cover. In this tutorial video we’ll go through a checklist of important items we must gather as the video guy on an event. Taking an interview from someone is one of those things. You might not always use it afterwords, but it could save your day in the editing to tell your story. Find out more tips and don’t forget to download the checklist provided!

When filming an event it can sometimes be very hectic. Your client is usually too busy to help you and what the people do around you just go too fast. It’s very easy to then fall into bad habits where you’ll miss important things or start filming bad. Using a checklist is always good to have around so that you can focus on your camera work and the content you capture.

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