Focus pull or keep your subject in Focus with these 5 simple and easy tips for filmmaking. Manual focus and auto-focus tips for video to get cinematic shots.

I have to confess something, there is one thing I’m bad at. And let this be something really important in filmmaking. Something that you always need to do when taking a shoot. It will also determine if you can use your shot or not. Of course I’m talking about focusing the subjects in your scene. And it’s not that I completely can’t focus, it’s just that it takes a while before I find the focus. And when I do, I start doubting if it’s really in focus. So guys I have a problem. But luckily Jordy came with a solution in the form of a video tutorial for this week’s Creative Tuesday.

But before you watch the video or maybe after, depends how eager you were to watch the video, I can give you some personal tips I use for my focusing. The first thing I of course do is using the magnify tool on the camera. Normally every camera has this and it will help you with finding the focus better. Another tip I can give you is look for text on you subject. It’s easier to focus on this then on skin or something else that is smooth. The next one I want to share with you is pump your lens. Go completely out of focus and then slightly move back into focus. I find this easier to find you focus in a fast way. And lastly if you really can’t focus the shot, close your aperture. If you close your aperture, the depth of field of your camera will be bigger so more will be in focus. These tips really helped me when I couldn’t get my focus right, I hope they will do the same for u.

5 tips to keep your subject in focus

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