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Editing a VFX Superhero Landing in 1 Hour

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Cinebattle, Special Effects, Super Hero Landing

Inspired by Hollywood superhero landings; Jordy and Yannick have to edit their own VFX superhero landing in 1 hours. An exciting editing challenge where the audience can vote.

Super Hero Landing

Nothing is cooler than a super hero landing like a badass and in the background everything explodes. Well we just described every super hero movie of the last decade. But why are these landings so popular?

Spider-Man doing a Super Hero Landing
Spider-Man doing a Super Hero Landing

First of all, doing a three point landing where you land on your knee and fist just really looks cool. We can’t argue that, but it also has some other reasons. And one is particular reason can be very handy, switching from your stunt double to your actual actor.

Doing such a hero landing can be a harder stunt to do, so that’s why a lot of stunt doubles do these landings. Now to hide the switch between the two, they just let the hero land stare at the floor and then look up. And somewhere in this action they can then do the switch and no one will notice it.

Landing in Real Life

Now what if a normal person would attempt a super hero landing? Well you could say goodbye to your legs. If you try to recreate the hero landing from a larger height, the impact would be to great and your legs would break.

Broken Leg (Nickelodeon - All That)
Broken Leg (Nickelodeon – All That)

Because your land on your knee and fist first, you come to a hold immediately. The force that the impact releases would break your femur, the strongest bone in your body. So you can imagine, what it will do to the rest of your body.

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