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We made our First 3D Animation

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Cinema4D Tutorials

3d animation, Cinema4D

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Yannick and Lorenzo try to recreate a complex 3D animation in Cinema4D. Follow their creative process and how they make use of various tools.

Learning 3D VFX

At Cinecom we’ve been making visual effects for many years, but when it comes down to 3D we still have a lot to learn.

3D animations are not made in Adobe After Effects, but in dedicated programs like Cinema4D or Blender. Yannick and Lorenzo have been playing around with various programs over the past time and have decided to focus on Cinema4D as that suits their style the most.

Following a bootcamp by school of motion, they are learning how to model and animate.

Yannick Cinema4D
Yannick working in Maxon Cinema4D

Creative Process

As Lorenzo and Yannick have gone through the basics of Cinema4D, they wanted to take their skills to the test and try to recreate a talking tennis ball seen in the music video ‘Compensating’ by Aminé.

Although it might seem easy, this is actually quiet complex to make. Most the time went into getting the right texture, in other words the fuzzy hairs on the ball. Taking up a lot of computer recourses, it took several minutes to see how each new adjustment looks like.

Cinema4D Rendering
Tennis ball model in Cinema4D

3D Animations and Motion Capture

The face is a complex and time-consuming animation. Luckily there exist tools that can capture the motion of your own face and bring that into Cinema4D. The latest iPhone 12 has a LiDAR camera which makes apps like Moves by Maxon work amazingly well!

We did had to buy the new iPhone for to make use of this project, so it turned out a pretty expensive video…

Moves Maxon
Lorenzo Capturing Motion with the iPhone 12 Pro (Moves by Maxon)

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