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We Recreated the Apple AirPods Max Promo Video

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Cinema4D Tutorials

3d animation, AirPods Max, apple, Cinema4D

Yannick and Lorenzo recreate the Apple AirPods Max Commercial in Cinema4D. Follow their creative process and how they make a 3D animation.

3D Product Videos

Some products like the Apple AirPods Max look amazing when shown in 3D for their advertisement. There’s no better way to get the cleanest look for your product. No stains, no dust, no nothing.

However, getting a realistic look of your product is challenging. The more details you have, the more work you’re gonna have to put into modeling. But what’s also challenging is getting the right textures. These are the materials your products are made out of.

Close Up of the material on the object
Close Up of our Headphones

Materials, Textures and Bump Maps

By looking at a material we instantly get a sense of how heavy it is. But with chrome and plastic laying so close together, it’s often very tricky to get the right look. This is probably the biggest mistake; creating a chrome material, but you end up with a plastic look because it doesn’t feel heavy enough.

And then there’re textures. These are essentially materials with a specific pattern like cloth, wood or metal. Such textures need imperfections, a pattern that is not predictable.

Bump map of fish scales
Example of a bump map to create fish scales

And then there’re of course bump maps. This is sort of an extrusion of the 3D model’s surface. When creating cloth fabric, the hairs need to be 3D as well and not just a flat pictures that’s applied to your model.

Storyblocks Video

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