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We Recreated the Beat Saber World in 3D

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3d animation, Beat Saber, Kevin Parry

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Inspired by VR Beat Saber and the Oculus Quest 2 commercial by Kevin Parry and Caleb Natale. We created our own 3D VFX Animation from the Beat Saber world.

Kevin Parry Inspiration

Personally I’m a huge fan of Kevin Parry, everything he makes blows my mind. And the most fun thing about his creations is figuring out how he did it. We already did multiple videos on his effects and to be honest every video was a challenge to recreate. But it also made learn a ton of new stuff. And that’s the power of inspiration. Kevin Parry inspires me to explore new techniques and improve myself.

Kevin Parry Animating Kubo and the Two Strings
Kevin Parry Animating Kubo and the Two Strings

But besides being an inspiration, Kevin also is a true stop motion artist. he even worked on one of my favourite movies, Kubo and the two strings. He did a lot of stop motion work on this video and again it’s super impressive. I definitely recommend everybody to see this movie!

Beat Saber Commercial

Now for todays video we got the inspiration from the commercial Kevin Parry made for the Oculus Quest 2. Here you can see him floating and playing the Beat Saber game in his own VR world. Well we took this to the next level and recreated the entire game while Jordy was floating in it.

Kevin Parry Oculus Quest 2 Commercial
Kevin Parry Oculus Quest 2 Commercial

After making this video we learned a super important lesson that we will never forget. Rendering 3D scenes takes a lot of time, like a whole lot. I think we rendered for over 72 hours for the entire project. So you can imagine that there was no room for errors and luckily we didn’t had any that we to big. But still it was all super stressful and next time we will definitely look for a way to render faster.

Storyblocks Video

Big thanks to Storyblocks video for their support. Luckily we don’t have to make everything ourselves. Don’t reinvent the wheel; save time and money with beautiful 4K stock clips, After Effects templates, Premiere Pro presets, overlay effects and so much more. Download unlimited video assets for a single price per year.

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