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How to turn yourself into a Cyberpunk

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Cinema4D, Cyberpunk 2077, Tracking

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Lorenzo and Yannick created a Cyberpunk Face modification in Cinema4D. Follow their creative process and how they learn to use 3D tracking.

The Game: cyberpunk 2077

You all probably know the newest game Cyberpunk 2077, so you all know how hyped up everybody was for this game. After 8 years of development and marketing, everybody was expecting a masterpiece of digital entertaining. It would be the best video game ever made.

However it’s not living up to it’s expectations. A lot of people say that the game is still not ready and was released to soon. Superficial worldbuilding, stupid AI of NPCs, and countless bugs have made the release of the game a disappointment.

And personally I find this a bit sad, as I also was looking forward to this game. But I still have hope for it. Over time they will probably fix everything through some updates, so I think Cyberpunk will still be a great game. But probably not the best that ever was.

Strange Driving Bug in Cyberpunk 2077
Strange Driving Bug in Cyberpunk 2077 (Twitter -CyberManLives)

The Style: Cyberpunk

Now before we had the video game, cyberpunk is originally a subgenre of science fiction in a futuristic dystopian setting. The focus in this sub genre is a combination of low life and high tech. Something that is very noticeable in the video, just think about Keanu Reeves and his bionic metal arm.

And in my opinion this one of the reasons that the video game is so popular. The whole cyberpunk mood and setting is something that really speaks to a lot of people, including me. You can compare it to the successful movie franchise Bladerunner.

Hologram from Bladerunner 2049
Hologram ‘Joi’ from Bladerunner 2049

High Tech Body modifications

Of course with Cyberpunk being such a trend we couldn’t ignore it and had to make an effect around it. Now we really wanted to do the high tech body modifications as this is a main theme of the cyberpunk genre.

So we again used 3D to achieve the best possible effect. However we did have a hard time with tracking stuff in Cinema 4D. Apparently this isn’t the easiest thing to do, but with some trial and error and a clever cheat trick, we eventually achieved the perfect tracking.

Cyberpunk Lorenzo
Cyberpunk Lorenzo

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