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1 Light – 5 Different Looks (Cinematography Tutorial)

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Lighting, Lighting setups, rotolight

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Learn how to create 5 different looks using 1 single light setup in this cinematography tutorial video about lighting for video and film.

Lighting is Difficult

Lighting has always been the least popular topic on this channel, heck it’s the least popular on YouTube. Maybe that’s because lighting is difficult? It sure was for me when I went to film school.

After film school graduation; cinematography and lighting was the one thing I still struggled with. Over the years I finally understood how this art worked, what the rules are and how to work with them.

Looking back on it, I don’t believe that cinematography or lighting is hard to learn. There has just never been the right explanation.

3 Point Lighting Setup

The 3 point lighting setup is mostly the first thing you learn in a course or at school. You’ll learn about the key, fill and backlight. And although this is the fundament of lighting, I strongly disagree with how it’s thaught.

Therefore I’ve created my own lighting course. And entire beginner course, explaining the whole fundamental basics without talking about the 3 point lighting.

It’s important to understand what lighting does, what it’s purpose is in film and how it’s being used to make your videos more cinematic. And that’s exactly what I explain! After all, lighting is a theory. You don’t need expensive lights. Reflections, windows, natural light, decorative lights, … these are all light sources. And with every light source we can apply the theory of light.


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LEE Softfilter

In this video we used the LEE 129 Heavy Frost filter. This is my favorite as it has the best diffusion x intensity reduction.

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