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10 Creative CAMERA TRICKS using the Manfrotto Move Collection

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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Get inspired with these 10 creative camera tricks and hacks to get cinematic shots using the Manfrotto Move collection.

The Manfrotto Move Collection

Manfrotto sent us a bunch of gear to try out, the Move Collection. We got the new 300XM gimbal, the Magic Carpet slider with motion controlled Genie II heads, some tripods and the new GimPod (which is sort of a mono-pod)

Manfrotto Move Collection
The entire Manfrotto MOVE Collection

All the gear listed above can easily be switched with their brand new MOVE quick release system. It’s made to quickly swap your tripod’s head with a slider, or any other setup you can think of.

A super simple and fast locking mechanism, which has a universal screw mount. This mean, you can use it with your existing gear as well.

Manfrotto Move Quick Release System
The Manfrotto Move Quick Release System

Creative Camera Movements

With the tools available today, I believe any kind of camera movement is possible. This is great for aspiring filmmakers to try out different things. But with every movement it’s important that you know why you’re doing it.

You see, a camera movement tells a visual story. It can be very impactful, but when used wrong it can have a negative impact in your film.

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