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4 Tips when using Portable LED Lights

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Lighting setups, portable lighting, Stella, Tips and Tricks

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4 tips on using a portable LED light for video. Create cinematic shots, fast and easy with any portable light. In this video we use the Stella PRO from Light & Motion, but you can also apply these tips and tricks with household lights (on batteries).

Can you imagine a life without light? I can’t and it would also be impossible to live. Light is one of the main sources of life on the planet. If the sun would burn out, we would all perish within a few weeks. Life as we know it would end. Okay that’s maybe a bit to drastic for the topic of today, Which is 5 tips with portable lights. But what I was trying to say with the intro, is that light is a very essential aspect of life and also in your filmmaking. So give it enough attention and it will pay of in your videos.

A famous film that uses light as one of the key factors to create it’s atmosphere, is Oscar winning movie Blade Runner 2049. And you are probably thinking, again with Blade Runner!? Well it’s just a great movie and a perfect example of the use of light in a movie. They perfectly use light to carry information, memories and even a feeling a falsehood. The whole movie is based on luminescence, with the neon filled future and holograms everywhere, lighting this movie wasn’t a easy task. But they did an awesome job and used some special tricks to do it. I’m not going to enlighten you all of them, but I do wanna share this very cool one with you. The recreation of the sun with 256 Arri 300 watt lights connected to two rings. They did this to simulate the shadows cast by the sun and the reflections on the water. The only other thing I can say is watch this movie and be amazed by it’s cinematography!

Recreating the sun - Blade Runner 2049
Artificial sun used in Blade Runner 2049

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