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5 Filmmaking Mistakes to Avoid

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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5 Common mistakes filmmakers make. In this tutorial you learn how to avoid those mistakes and improve your camera and cinematography skills.

Now making mistakes is quite human and everyone makes them. And no, you can’t deny that. Nobody is perfect and that’s okay. Making mistakes is a good way to learn. You can see what you have done wrong and learn from that. Taking it with to the next project and making it better next time. But sometimes making mistakes can also be frustrating and time consuming. For example if you need to re-shoot your shot. And that’s why we decided to create this video, so we can help you avoid making the mistakes we did.

And believe I made a lot of them. from messing up the focus to recording in the wrong frame rate or shutter speed. I made them all and I learned my lesson from it. These days I always check my settings before I start filming and that’s really a must. It saved me a lot of time working on a project. However the mistake I made the most is setting the white balance. I often forgot this, which means my shots where either to orange or to blue. Not something I wanted and also not so easy to fix. So what did I do to stop forgetting to set my white balance? Well I stopped filming… No just joking, I used Jordy’s very handy tip to keep a checklist of all the settings I need to adjust before shooting and this helped me a lot.

Filmmaking Mistakes To Avoid


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