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5 Tips for a Cinematic Travel Video

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Camera Movements, Cinematography, Creative Tuesday, editing, Iceland, travel video

Learn how to film an amazing cinematic travel video with these 5 tips. I’ve been to Iceland recently and shot my own travel video. In this tutorial I’m sharing 5 tips from my experience so you too can make an unforgettable travel video.

Guys great news, Jordy came home from Iceland. Cinecom is back to normal and better then ever. You all know he left us for 10 days to travel around Iceland. And speaking to him, you can really notice he is in love with the country and all it’s beautiful nature. He is probably already going back in the summer. That’s how good it was there. Except from traveling through the county, he also filmed his journey and promised us to create a travel movie. Well he kept his promise and came back with over 400 shots. The bad news is that the montage will take some time to finish. He really wants to create a master piece and that requires time.

Jordy as Tourist
Jordy as Tourist

But he didn’t only bring back great stories and beautiful footage. He also brought back an idea or two for Creative Tuesday. And this weeks idea is about travel movies and how you can create you own masterpiece. In this tutorial we will explain 5 tips which can help you with creating better travel movies. These tips will vary from camera movements to paying attention to the exposure in your shot. A tip he also cites in this video is transitions. Personally I find transitions really important in travel videos. They are the glue in your movie and will also help you keep the pace in the video. Of course you can add the transitions in post production. But I find in camera transitions a lot better. They are more difficult with timing and such, however the results are much better.


This video is supported by Storyblocks, a huge library with After Effects templates, stock footage, transitions, overlays, effects and more.

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