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5 Tips for Designing a Youtube thumbnail

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

5 Tips, thumbnail, Youtube

In this tutorial we share 5 simple tips to design a Youtube thumbnail that stands out and attracts more views plus more subscribers.

Besides the content, the thumbnail is the number 1 factor that will determine the success of a Youtube video. This is the trigger on which a visitor chooses to open your video or not.

As this topic isn’t directly related to what we usually do, as film makers we do want our work to be noticed. Whether you upload your videos to Youtube or any other platform, having a good thumbnail will attract more viewers.

We got most of our resources from two great places. One is the Youtube channel ‘Video Creators‘, hosted by Tim Schmoyer. He shares all kinds of tips and tricks to grow your channel. We’ve been following him for about a year and can thank a lot of our channel’s growth to him.

The other recourse comes from Youtube itself. If you’re a creator, you can go to the Youtube Academy and follow different courses. All of these courses are given by popular Youtubers and they share their experiences.

Getting people to watch your videos is not always that easy in this gigantic sea of video content. So try to find different techniques that can help you with that and don’t give up too early. Only with testing, trying and learning you can find success!

1 thought on “5 Tips for Designing a Youtube thumbnail”

  1. Nice post Jordy! Still, Thumbnails are the secret of the Video Success! If the thumbnail is attractive there is a maximum chance of opening rate as well as we can get maximum reach. If it is done wrong then we will get the opposite results. So, we should be careful in choosing the thumbnail images.

    Thank you!


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