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5 Tips for working with a teleprompter

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Portaprompt, Teleprompter, Tips

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Make maximum use of your teleprompter or autocue with these 5 creative tips and tricks. All information is explained in a video.

I got the Portaprompt 365 teleprompter and had a great experience with it. The teleprompter sets up very quick and is build well. In this tutorial video, Jordy will teach you 5 tips which you can follow for better teleprompter results.

In this video tutorial I am showing the Portaprompt 365. It comes with the iGlue and iScroll. These are devices that you can hook up to your IOS device (iPhone or iPad). Then use the picoPrompt app from the appstore to start scrolling your text.

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From Portaprompt

Based on our philosophy of making the lightest and brightest prompters the system uses a new a new 15mm Bar Rig with a T10 glass reflector, Glass Frame, Folding Cloth Hood (which simply laces around the lens to prevent light entering the rear of the hood) and Mounting Clamps all designed to integrate together for ease of transport. The system can be rigged with either a Tablet, a 7” or 9” Micro Prompt or 10.4” or 12” On-camera head up display (note both require WinDigi Software) or can also be swivelled through 180° to provide a Passive Interrotron for additional functionality. The rig comes with 2 glass reflectors (one to go and one spare), long andshort rigging rods and a lightweight carrying case and can be bought or rented from us.

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