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5 Youtube Tips that Actually Help

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

growing a channel, Video SEO, Youtube

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Growing a Youtube Channel

Everyone started at the bottom, zero subscribers. So that means, everyone can do it! What most successful channels did was pursuing, not giving up. This is not only with growing an audience, but with everything in life.

Gaining success in something is never easy, but that shouldn’t let you down. See that uneven road to success as an exiting challenge! A challenge where you make many mistakes, but also learn from those mistakes.

For Youtube, you might run into a dip. You’re losing subscribers and views. Does that mean you should quit? NO! It means you need to face that dip and figure out what is causing it.

Get Big Views

The person that promises you big views with their tricks lies. There’s no ‘views algorithm’. If you wanna get views start off with your content. If people don’t watch your videos, it means it’s lacking valuable information. Once you’ve got your content figured out, make more of it and then fine tune on the details. Like your titles and thumbnails and yes, SEO is important. Just don’t spend more than 5 minutes on it. Spend your time on the thumbnail instead.

Cinecom Complete Bundle

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