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9 Things you Should Consider BEFORE buying your FIRST CAMERA

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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The ultimate guide to choosing the best video camera. How to choose between an SLR, Camcorder, Cinema Camera or Hybrid.

Your First Video Camera

Buying your first video camera is exciting. You’ve probably watched a hundred YouTube videos already and read every article about which camera is best.

You’re comparing every pixel when watching comparison videos, because in the end you want the best bang for buck! But that’s unfortunately the biggest mistake most people make; the best camera for you is not the one that shoots the best video quality.

Video Quality is not Important

It used to be that there was a big difference in video quality and that it was an important factor to keep in mind. But these days, it really doesn’t matter much anymore. Even your Smartphone can shoot pretty good video compared to professional cameras out there.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Cinematic Video
Shooting Cinematic Video with the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Think about the kind of work you do, or what you plan to use the camera for the most. Suddenly the ergonomics and features become more important. Nobody likes the video-look from a camcorder, but when you need to run around and make shots fast, then it’s actually a good type of camera for you.

Are you more into film or documentaries? Here it’s important that you have extra budget for lights and good audio equipment. So you might want to buy a lower-end SLR, or whatever fits your budget.


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