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Easy scenario writing for a good short film

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Scenario, Storytelling, Writing

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Write a great scenario for your next short film with te help of a 3-ACT structure and some tips. Download our scenario template for free.

Having an idea for a shortfilm is fairly easy. But to make it interesting for your audience to watch is not. Throughout your film, there has to be a curve of sensation to keep the viewers involved. Luckily there’s a 3 ACT structure that can help you with the process of creating a great scenario.

The 3-ACT structure

  • Setup: Introduce the time and space
  • Inciting Accident: Something happens to the main actors which pushes them away from their usual living
  • Response: The main actors make the best of the new situation
  • Attack: The new situation does not seem to be to happy after all. So the actors try to get back to their usual path.
  • All is lost: They fail in their action to get back to their usual path.
  • Resolution: An unexpected element bring the main actors back to their usual path.

In the video tutorial we’ll be using a very typical example story; an alien attack. Action of drama films fit easier in this structure. But you don’t always have to look for extreme scenes. In an action film someone could get killed, where in a romantic film the lovely couple have their first fight. In the action film someone could try to get revenge in their attack. But in the romantic film the guy will try to win his girlfriend back for his attack.

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1 thought on “Easy scenario writing for a good short film”

  1. I remember before one or two years you provided us by structure to write a good character
    That structure look like Periodic Table
    I have been looking for it seen you give it to us and i did not find it


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