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Konova Motorized Slider Tips and Tricks

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Konova, Motorized Slider, Slider

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Learn how to shoot better video with a motorized slider. In this tutorial video you will learn 5 tips and tricks why a motorized slider would benefit you.

Sometimes our hands don’t have the precision to make the perfect camera slide movement. Luckily there’s the Konova Motorized System, an extension for your existing Konova camera slider. The product comes with a motor to automate the sliding, a controller to adjust the speed and a battery pack to use the system anywhere in the field.

The controller allows us to control the sliding speed, but also the ramp speed. You’re able to set a smooth start and a smooth ending with this setting. This means that we can slide very precisely. In this video tutorial you will see that we will perform slide movements in macro shots. Something we cannot do with manually sliding you camera.

Because we can control the camera with a motor, we can do the same sliding speed multiple times. That gives us the option to composite a moving camera clip with 3D objects, special effects or overlays.

Sometimes it’s hard to reach your camera while sliding. For example, when you’ve put it on a height or in a place that is hard to reach. Then a motorized slider also comes in handle. But all of this is showcased in the video.

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