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We Found Mistakes in Marvel Movies!

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Marvel, movie mistakes

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Filmmakers Jordy & Yannick try to find movie mistakes in the Marvel film series such as Avengers Endgame and more. Watch how we find the VFX and set mistakes!

Marvel is full with editing mistakes

For this weeks episode of Cinebattle the guys need to find movie mistakes. Specifically from Marvel movies. And believe it or not but there are indeed A LOT. Going from really obvious changes like switching a weapon between hands during cuts to small background mistakes like a prop dissapearing.

Of course this is normal. On such a big set like marvel and many other Hollywood productions you work with houndreds of people on set. So making a mistakes quickly happens unnoticed. This is the whole reason every big production has Script Supervisors on set. This is a film crew member that is responsible for the continuity of the film. They pay attentions to props, set dressing, makeup and hair, what the actor is doing or where they are standing. They take notes of all of these things to make sure everything is perfect. But of course as you now know this doesn’t always goes as planned.

The whole crew for Avengers: Endgame

Your VFX shot is never finished

I believe this is a perfect example for your own work. It doesn’t matter how much time you have to finish a certain thing. You will always find a mistake in your work or something that can be better. Its human to make mistakes and easy to be too hard on yourself. 99% of the people won’t even notice what you think is missing in your vfx shot. The Marvel movies are again a perfect example of that.


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