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Shooting a TRAVEL VIDEO, but TIED UP

Published on

Cinematography & Filmmaking

Challenge, Cinebattle, travel video

Filmmakers Jordy & Yannick have to shoot and edit a travel video, but they are tied up! Will they finish their filmmaking challenge in time? You can vote!

The power of travel videos

A travel video has a certain power to them, not only do they show you a country and their most beautiful location. They are inspiring and can create a feeling of wanderlust. They encourage us to go on an adventure, explore, to do something new.

But they can also ignite a certain passion, like for instance Filmmaking. How many of you, including me, saw a beautiful travel video and was inspired to create one of your own. To step into the world and start learning, creating.

Watchtower Of Turkey

I think we all saw this travel video or at least heard about it. It’s the master of all travel videos and is a cinematic piece of editing brilliance. And some facts about this travel video is that it’s shot on a GH3 over a period of 23 days, while covering 3500km in Turkey.

Now if by any chance you never saw ‘Watchtower of Turkey’, then hurry up and watch it on YouTube or Vimeo or whatever. Just watch it.

Watchtower Of Turkey Travel Video
Watchtower Of Turkey Travel Video


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4 thoughts on “Shooting a TRAVEL VIDEO, but TIED UP”

  1. #RED because Yannick misspelled “forest”. Next time use google translate man. Its not ‘forrest’, it’s ‘forest’. Maybe start writing in Belgian or something 😉

    Happy April Fools!


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