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20 Ultimate Green Screen Tricks You Need To Know

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Cinematography, Green Screen, Tips and Tricks

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Everyone should know these 20 Greenscreen tricks! Learn how to pull the perfect chromakey with these basic and advanced tips.

Green Keying

I think we can say with 100% certainty that green keying or chroma keying is one the most used effects in the film industry. Every Big CGI movie uses it to achieve stunning visual effects. Just look at All the Marvel movies.

Do you really think that New York was destroyed when aliens attacked the Avengers. No, they actually build a small part of the set and surrounded them with huge green screens.

The Avengers Green Screen
The Avengers Green Screen

And this technique is done a lot. Which is quite clever, your talents have interaction with the floor and a few surroundings. Making it look realistic. But you also have the benefits to key them out and place whatever you want behind them.

Green Key in Social media

Now with social media content gaining more popularity each day, I come across more and more creative green screen content. Of course we have our all time favourite Zach King, bringing Editing magic from the highest order.

happykelli Green Screen Effect
happykelli Green Screen Effect

But nowadays you have a lot more content creators doing stunning stuff. Like for example happykelli, who creates some fun and creative TikToks with a a lot of greenscreen effects. So like you can see Chroma keying isn’t necessarily a Hollywood thing, it’s becoming an easy way to achieve stunning and fun effects.


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