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What EVERY Video Creator Can Learn From Wednesday

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Learn how to recreate the visual effects of Thing, the walking hand, from the Netflix series Wednesday. Exploring practical and CGI techniques

Thing from Adams Family

The Thing from the Adams Family is a classic character from the 1960s TV show, and it’s one of the most iconic characters in the world of horror. The Thing is a tall, ghoulish figure with a constantly changing face, and it’s always been a fan favorite due to its impressive visuals effects.

Stop Motion

The Thing’s visual effects are the product of a number of innovative techniques. The first is stop-motion animation, which is used to create a slow and jerky movement of the character. This animation technique was used to make a puppet of the Thing move around, and it gives the character an eerie, almost supernatural quality.

Thing from Adams Family
The Thing from Adams Family


The second technique used in creating the Thing’s visuals is puppetry. Special effects artists created a puppet of the Thing that could be used to create some of the more complex movements. By using a puppet, the team was able to make the Thing’s movements more realistic and lifelike.


The third technique used in creating the Thing’s visuals is a technique called “rotoscoping.” This is a process where footage is shot of a real-life person or animal, and then the footage is traced over to create a cartoon-like version of the subject. This technique was used to create some of the more complex facial expressions of the Thing, and it was also used to create the creepy movements of the character.

Rotoscoping old Movies
Rotoscoping in Old Movies

Matte Painting

The fourth technique used in creating the Thing’s visuals is a technique called “matte painting.” This is where a background is painted onto a canvas, and then the Thing is drawn or painted onto the canvas. The result is a detailed and realistic background that adds to the atmosphere of the scene.


Finally, the last technique used in creating the Thing’s visuals is a technique called “compositing.” This is where multiple elements are combined together, such as the stop-motion animation, puppetry, rotoscoping, and matte painting, to create a cohesive and realistic visual effect.

The Thing’s visuals have been praised for their realism and detail, and they’re an essential part of why the character is so beloved by fans all over the world. Thanks to the innovative techniques used in creating the Thing’s visuals, it remains one of the most iconic horror characters of all time.

Wednesday on Netflix

Netflix’s new series Wednesday is a dark comedy that follows Wednesday Addams, the daughter of the beloved Addams Family, as she navigates through her teenage years. The series stars Chloe Grace Moretz as Wednesday, while the other characters include members of the Addams Family and Wednesday’s friends. One of the most beloved characters in Wednesday is Thing, the hand-servant of the Addams Family.

Wednesday Netflix
Wednesday Series on Netflix

Origin of Thing

Thing is a sentient, disembodied hand that is usually kept in a small wooden box. It is a loyal and faithful companion to the Addams Family, always ready to lend a helping hand. Thing is also quite mischievous, often playing pranks on Wednesday and her friends and family. While Thing is not a major character in the show, it does provide some much-needed comic relief, often providing a much-needed distraction from the dark themes explored in the show.

Thing has Feelings and Lives

In Wednesday, Thing is portrayed as a loyal and trustworthy friend to Wednesday, often helping her out when she needs it the most. He is also protective of her, especially when it comes to her relationships with her family and friends. He is always willing to lend an ear when Wednesday needs someone to talk to, and his advice often helps her make the right decisions.

Victor Dorobantu Playing Thing
Victor Dorobantu Playing Thing

Thing also serves as a source of comic relief in Wednesday, as his pranks often lead to humorous situations. He is also quite resourceful, often coming up with clever solutions to problems. This is especially evident in the episode “The Mortician’s Daughter,” where Thing comes up with a creative solution to help Wednesday deal with a difficult situation.

Thing is a beloved character in Wednesday, providing much-needed comic relief and often helping Wednesday out in tough situations. He is a loyal friend and companion, and his presence in the show is always welcome. If you’re looking for a lighthearted and humorous addition to your Netflix watchlist, Wednesday and Thing may be just the ticket.

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