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We filmed inside a crashing stunt car

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What’s it like being a stuntman? Dangerous stunts performed in films have a special department: the stunt team. Take a look into the lives of several stuntman that have performed in some of the biggest Hollywood films.

A few months ago we got a call from an old acquaintance with a proposition we couldn’t refuse. Vague no? Well at first we were also quite clueless. They invited us to their stuntman training, where they were going to crash 3 cars. We didn’t knew what to aspect, but we definitely knew it was going to be spectacular. Who doesn’t like to see real life stunts. I’ll tell you no one.

So time went by and a few weeks ago d-day was here. We loaded every camera we had in the car and went to Amsterdam. Once there, the stunt team welcomed us and explained their goal. The plan was to crash 3 cars at a medium high speed over a rollbar. And you are asking yourself, what is a rollbar. Well that is a very small ramp existing out a one bar and it’s purpose is to make the car jump and roll at the same time. And boy did the cars fly and roll! They drove at 60 km/h or 40 mph over the roll bar and demolished the cars. It was spectacular to see and quite educational. Because now we know how the pull of these stunts in all the action movies.

However these professional stunts for  actions movies isn’t just okay let’s do this. Now you would be amazed how much preparation comes into play for the stunts. And the stunt team takes safety quite serious, as it’s their number one priority. Without the guarantee of safety they won’t do the stunt. Of course the is always a risk with doing the stunt. Bu they call it the calculated risk, so they know what can go wrong  and can intervene immediately. After following the stunt team for an entire day, I can safely say that being a stunt man is not something for me. Heck, it’s a job only for a special type of person.

Filming a car stunt

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