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I Shot a TESLA Commercial on the iPhone 13 Pro (ft. SMOOTH-5)

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Cinematography tips

car commercial, tesla, Zhiyun

I shot a fan-made Tesla car commercial in my studio on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and the ZHIYUN SMOOTH-5 Gimbal.

Car Commercials

I find shooting car commercials one of the hardest things do to. Maybe it’s because I’m not a car enthusiast, but I just can’t find interesting camera angles. And this is exactly why I shot this fan-made Tesla commercial. I wanted to experience it and learn something new.

The thing about cars is that there’s nothing special about them. We all have a car, we’ve all seen a car and they’re basically all the same.

So why focus on the wheels? Or the steering wheel? The trunk or the hood? It’s the same as any car. But if you tell that to you client, you probably won’t get the job.

Storytelling in Commercial

Here’s where storytelling comes in. And yes, there’s even storytelling in commercials. Think about the selling points of the car, what makes it stand out and how you can visually show those things?

In my case with the Tesla, I wanted to showcase something futuristic, but playful at the same time. To me this is was a Tesla stands for.

This is why I didn’t focus too much on showing the different components, but rather played with camera and light. One unique feature of the Tesla is that we can put any video up on the display. This allowed me to create a futuristic animation and make it seem like the Tesla was alive and controlling the lights.


The entire Tesla car commercial was shot on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Zhiyun Smooth-5 (sponsored). The Smooth-5 is one of the first smartphone gimbals that I find worth it! It’s not just a stabilizing, but also an extension to the camera. It unlocks many professional features and gives better control over your phone as you film with it.

1 thought on “I Shot a TESLA Commercial on the iPhone 13 Pro (ft. SMOOTH-5)”

  1. I think it’s not all about the car but about the experience, ambiance and lifestyle. So you should have used people and went outside to made the commercial in stead of a empty studio. Anyway, nice that you did al this effort. Wow. Respect.


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