I turned my house into a movie set

//I turned my house into a movie set

In this tutorial we’re filming a horror, action and drama scene at home in the living room. With the tools from Kupo Grip, some lighting and a simple story we’re creating three cinematic mini short films and do a breakdown.

Another weekend has ended and that means that good things lie ahead. Of course I mean our awesome video tutorials and Creative Tuesday is going to kick off this Cinecom week. I hope you guys had a nice and cosy weekend in your house? Because today your are going to transform your living room into a professional set. With these tips and tricks we are going to help you with building a cinematic set inside your own house. Of course you use these tips everywhere you want. But the tips will mainly focus on indoor situations. Let’s get into it!

Like we say in almost every tutorial, lighting is essential for creating a beautiful scene. If you have bad lighting you scene will look dull and uninteresting. That’s why we included a few lighting tips in this tutorial video, so you can really take your scenes to the next level.

Another crucial part in filmmaking is sound design. Sound is often forgotten due to bad time management. But I personally find bad sound even worse then bad recording quality. I really think you can take your film project to the next level with realistic sound effect. In Hollywood they spend a lot of time and details in their sound design. The even have a specific job for sound design, named foley artist. These people recreate the sounds from the scene with certain object in a recording studio. And these objects they use are often very strange ones. Definitely for the sound the need to produce!

Foley Artist creating sound effects


Kupo Grip

We wanna thank Kupo Grip for their support during this video. Below is a list of the gear that we used to make this video possible:


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About the Author:

Started as a graphic designer with a huge passion for film. When I met Jordy, filmmaking became more than a passion; it became life!


  1. Maik Jhony August 15, 2018 at 10:25 pm - Reply

    Very good tips

  2. Matyáš July 18, 2018 at 10:25 am - Reply

    Can you please make the incoming ideas public for inspiration? Thnx

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Movie Set at Home

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About the Author:

Graduated in 2012 from filmschool, I immediately started as freelance cameraman for commercial work. Quickly I was noticed by educational platform Tuts+, where I made over 25 online courses about film making and video editing. Here is where the passion started for sharing my experience on Youtube since 2014.

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