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Can you help me with my video edit or production?

Although we love to help everyone, it’s practically impossible. The best thing you can do is post your question in one of our videos on YouTube or other social media channels. Someone at the Cinecom team might pick it up or the community will be kind enough to help you further.

I follow you on Skillshare and I need help with a class?

On Skillshare there’s a dedicated discussion, right underneath the video player. Every 2-3 days we go through all the new questions and answer them. If it stays unanswered for more than 3 days, please contact customer support.

I’m unable to use your Video Pack, can you help me?

On the page where you’ve downloaded the video pack, you’ll find a specific FAQ and product description. Every video pack has been tested and they should work. First try to troubleshoot on your end (ie. update Adobe apps, install codecs,…). If that doesn’t help, please contact customer support and we’ll look into it.

Do you accept guest posts?

At the moment we don’t accept guest posts. We do however like to collaborate, so if you have a cool idea let us know by contacting the business email address.

Can you make a review video in exchange for my product?

Advertising is our largest income which keeps Cinecom running. We can therefore not create a video in exchange for a product. HOWEVER, we do find it important that great products get attention! That’s why we often work together with kick-starters and startups to help spread the word. We can never guarantee a video in return, but we’re always open to try it out and feature it on our channel if we believe it’s a great product that our audience might be interested in.

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