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Make Your Videos 10X BETTER! (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Audio Effects, Tips and Tricks, Video Effects

premiere pro, sound design tricks, Tips and Tricks

Learn how to create three amazing audio effects using audio tricks in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Audio VS video

Good video quality is extremely important, that is something we all know. Because we are video editors, we sometimes ignore the importance of audio. Imagine watching a great movie but the audio is complete garbage. You don’t want to continue watching, right? This also happens with a lot of content on social media and people don’t realise that this can be the reason your video’s aren’t performing well.

In this tutorial you will learn three exercises that will help improve your sound design/sound effects skills! We’re gonna do that by manipulating audio to match it with the video. In the first example you can see Jordy on the moon, when he’s talking we want him to actually sound like he’s on the moon! To do that, use the Parametric Equalizer to cut off all the high and low frequencies. That will make it sound like an old microphone that these astronauts use! To top it off, use some distortion to get that old ‘crackle’ sound.

Jordy on the moon.

First Person Car accident

Effect number two, a car accident filmed from first person. In this example, the driver is passing out and then crashing onto something. When losing conciousness, your hearing will slowly disappear and become dull. To recreate that effect, use a lowpass filter to slowly take away more and more of the high frequencies. Then to top off the effect, you can use an ear ringing sound effect and increase the volume from zero to a hundred. All of this in sync with the driver who’s passing out of course.

Car crash.


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