Adobe Premiere Pro Essentials – Video Editing for Beginners

//Adobe Premiere Pro Essentials – Video Editing for Beginners
Adobe Premiere Pro Essentials – Video Editing for Beginners2018-07-27T16:56:51+00:00

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NOTE: This class has been updated for Adobe Premiere Pro 2018

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Beginners Course

Learn the essentials of Premiere Pro from start to finish.


Great Feedback

Out of 153 reviews we’ve received a total score of 95% on Udemy


To The Point

Learn the interface and tools of Adobe Premiere Pro FAST!


Course Information

Do you want to make better videos? Make things that others can’t? Then this is the Premiere Pro training for you!

Let your videos shine with custom effects and animations that make it look professional. Don’t limit your creativity! Learn all the buttons, understand the interface and known how things work in Premiere Pro.

Learn as you go. This course teaches you all the fundamentals. The idea behind it is that you can learn advanced things by yourself as you edit videos in Premiere Pro.

For who is this course?

Anyone who wants to start with Adobe Premiere Pro and learn professional video editing. This can be professional videographers, film school students or even serious hobbyists.

What will I learn?

You will learn the complete fundamental techniques of Premiere Pro to get you started with a film project.

  1. Understand the User Interface
  2. Edit video clips
  3. Design a text or title
  4. Use effects
  5. Mix audio
  6. Perform color corrections
  7. Make custom animations
  8. Export a video


I have Premiere Pro CS6, can I follow this course? Sure you can! This course has been created to get you started with the fundamental features that came from older versions.

Will I be able to create explosions and crazy visual effects after this course? I’m sorry to let you down, but no. Premiere Pro is a cut and slice program. But it’s the core of the video editing process. Visual effects lay on top of your edit which is done in other applications and then brought to Premiere Pro.

Do I need a fast computer? As you will learn the basics you don’t need a fast computer. But it will make editing much more pleasant once you can playback your footage smoothly.

Must I have video footage before I can take this course? Nope, I’ve made it easy for you. In the course attachment you can find the same video footage as used within the course. There’s no copyright on it, so feel free to edit those clips and share it online!

Thanks Jordy, I am a beginner on Premiere Pro, I have picked up many great techniques from this course, I am confident now to edit my own short movies. Everything was very well explained. Thanks again, I would definitely recommend this course.

Tony Burcel

I enjoyed this course and learnt some great foundational skills for how to edit using Premiere Pro – it also highlighted to me how much I don’t know about this platform, so I have signed up for a more intensive course.

Richard Harmer

Explains things on my level beginning with the basics. Great so far.

Gary Newlon


  • Introduction
  • A digital video file

The User Interface

  • Start a new project
  • The user interface
  • Customize your workspace

Editing Essentials

Finishing your Video

  • Color correction
  • Audio Mixing
  • Export your video
  • Adobe Typekit
  • Application settings
  • Adobe dynamic link

Conclusion and Quiz

  • Conclusion
  • Quiz

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