Video Editing in Teams: Infrastructure & Adobe Premiere Pro Workflow

Start professional video editing in teams and learn how to create shared storage over network and adapt your workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro.


1 hour


” Great look in to how to work with a team in video editing. Also goes in to the physical network side of things so you have an understanding of limitations. Recommended if you are looking to work as part team as it also shows how to set up and use file structures. ” – Kari Latimer

Course Information

We at Cinecom work with 4 video editors, often times at the same film project. Our 5+ years of experience in setting up a fast and reliable infrastructure have been curated in this class.

By the end of the class you can adapt your own network and install a NAS to edit from without the need of an IT company. You are able to edit more efficiently and organized in Adobe Premiere Pro by utilizing dedicated features.

Learn Fast

This mini-course is designed to learn fast at your own pace


The only course available that covers both infrastructure and workflow


No need to hire an IT company. This course helps you to adapt your own network

For who is this course?

Although this class is focused at small teams, it’s highly recommended at solo editors as well. This class is for any video editor who works as a professional as it covers fundamental organization techniques and reliable network solutions.

What will I learn?

There’re 2 parts in this class. In the first part you’ll learn about infrastructure and setting up a shared storage over network. In the second part we’ll cover various organization and workflow techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Setting up a Shared Folder over Network
  • Installing a NAS and give different permissions to the editors in your team
  • How to get better network performance
  • Starting a production in Premiere Pro
  • Workflow techniques in Premiere Pro
  • Organization techniques in Premiere Pro

Course Screenshots


Jordy Vandeput - Instructor

Jordy Vandeput

More than 10 years experience as a filmmaker and video editor

Course Structure

15 Lessons, 1 hour training

  • Introduction (2:06)
  • Setting up a Network Storage on Windows (5:32)
  • Setting up a Network Storage on Mac (5:01)
  • Introduction to Network Access Server (7:11)
  • Setting up Synology NAS (4:06)
  • Preview: Configure a Proper RAID (5:41)
  • Creating Shared Folders on a NAS (6:36)
  • Network Performance (4:22)
  • Link Aggregation (2:47)
  • Settings in Adobe Premiere Pro (1:39)
  • Starting a Production in Premiere Pro (4:18)
  • Project Locking in Teams (2:35)
  • Organization Techniques (4:53)
  • Problem Solving (2:19)
  • Conclusion (1:23)

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Do I need a team to follow the course?

No, you can learn by yourself and even solo editors gain much advantage.
However, if you are working in a team, it is advisable to to keep everyone updated about the new workflow you learn in the course.

Do I need to purchase a new course for each team member?

Although the purchase of a single course is limited to one person, we do allow this course to be shared in a closed group of maximum 5 members within the same organisation.

How can I contact the Instructor?

If you need help during the course, Jordy is happy to help you. Skillshare users can use the dedicated discussion. If you purchased the course as a download, there will be a ‘readme’ file which explains how to contact me through email.

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