Advanced Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

Take your video editing skills to the next level with most complete Adobe Premiere Pro class for advanced users. Learn advanced editing techniques, 2D animationsaudio enhancing and color corrections.


3h 36m


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Course Information

After the amazing success of our Premiere Pro class for beginners, we decided to create a follow-up. Thoroughly produced with a fun and engaging learning experience in mind.

By the end of the class you’ll have a complete understanding of every editing tool of Adobe Premiere Pro. This eliminates technical challenges, so that you can focus on the creative side of editing.

Learn Fast

Learn at your own pace with the short lessons.

Fun & Interactive

No boring presentation! Jordy makes technical challenges fun.


This course covers everything there’s to learn about Premiere Pro

For who is this course?

Any video editor who knows the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro and like to take their skills to the next level. Or if you have watched our Beginners class, you can transition into this Advanced class.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn all of the features in Adobe Premiere Pro which allows you to do the following:

  • Various editing workflow techniques
  • Advanced settings and options
  • Working with shortcuts
  • Captions and subtitles
  • Create custom presets and templates
  • Transition techniques
  • Stabilize and reverse-motion clips
  • Time remapping
  • Masking and tracking
  • Color correcting and grading
  • Fixing and enhancing audio
  • Working with codecs and render options

Course Screenshots


Jordy Vandeput - Instructor

Jordy Vandeput

More than 10 years experience as a filmmaker and video editor

Course Structure

34 Lessons, 3h+ training

  • Introduction (1:38)
  • Editing Workflow (7:53)
  • Sequence Settings (6:05)
  • Advanced Shortcuts (5:55)
  • Shortcut Layouts (3:09)
  • Fit to vs Scale To Frame (3:44)
  • Pancake Editing (3:11)
  • Multi Camera Editing (8:55)
  • Timeline Customization (7:12)
  • Project Settings (5:21)
  • Closed Captions (12:54)
  • Advanced Keyframing (7:27)
  • Essential Graphics (10:03)
  • Custom Presets (6:48)
  • Advanced Text Graphics (4:21)
  • Custom Templates (5:32)
  • Track Matte Transitions (4:06)
  • Transform & Motion Blur (6:29)
  • Stabilize Footage + Reverse (5:45)
  • Preview: Advanced Time Remapping (10:03)
  • Masking Techniques (7:24)
  • Mask Tracking (4:40)
  • Color Correction (7:44)
  • Create a Color Grading Look (8:45)
  • Dynamic Link (6:35)
  • Fixing Audio Issues (9:47)
  • Audio Mixing (6:29)
  • Sound Design (11:37)
  • Synchronize A/V (3:02)
  • Preview Rendering (6:54)
  • Working with Proxies (3:34)
  • Export Options (7:13)
  • Versions & Downgrading (4:01)
  • Conclusion (1:64)

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Do I need a fast computer?

You don’t need a high-end computer. Please check the recommendations from Adobe.

How can I contact the Instructor?

If you need help during the course, Jordy is happy to help you. Skillshare users can use the dedicated discussion. If you purchased the course as a download, there will be a ‘readme’ file which explains how to contact me through email.

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