DSLR Filmmaking: From Beginner to PRO!

//DSLR Filmmaking: From Beginner to PRO!
DSLR Filmmaking: From Beginner to PRO!2018-07-27T16:59:25+00:00

Course Trailer

Just you, your DSLR and exciting camera techniques will take your filmmaking skills to the next level!


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Course Previews

Beginners Course

Just picked up your DSLR or are you having trouble to get to the next level?
This course is for you!


All lessons have English subtitles so you can understand every word!

Fast Learning

Short, to-the-point lessons. Many quizzes and exercises to gain quick results!

Course Information

You will learn how to use your DSLR in full manual mode to gain more creative freedom. Next we’ll cover the essentials of visual storytelling with composition, motion and lighting. The concept of this course is to make you understand the same techniques that a professional filmmaker uses. This means, we’re focusing on bringing your skills to a next level!

For who is this course?

This course is aimed at beginners who like to take filmmaker serious and bring their skills to a professional level. The information is brought in such a simple and fun way, that anyone can follow. So whether you’re a creative person or like to make a living off from videography, this course is for you!

Wat do I get?

  1. 6 basic lessons to learn the technical aspects of a DSLR
  2. 16 lessons about visual storytelling and cinematography
  3. Many quizzes and small tasks to help you practice
  4. An over-exited instructor that answers your questions within 24 hours

What will I learn?

You will learn the essentials of a professional filmmaking with a single DSLR camera

  1. All manual controls and exposure adjustments
  2. Essential videography rules
  3. Compositions for video
  4. Video project thinking
  5. Camera Motion
  6. Lighting Basics

This is a great class. Useful visuals, lots of information. He does a great job!

Katherine Stein

Good class and great enthusiasm. learned stuff i thought i knew.

Anesca Smith

I love how his lessons are short, simple, yet get straight to the point. These are good to watch if you’re a beginner, or even if you need some review later on. Thanks for all the great information!

Mirlana O'Keefe

Manual Camera Controls and Exposure

The Video Language

  • Rule of Thirds
  • Framing
  • The Camera Position
  • Lenses
  • The 180° Rule (Free Preview)
  • Slow Motion
  • The Importance of B-Roll
  • Shoot for the Edit
  • Quiz 3: The Video Language

Camera Movement

  • Introduction to Camera Movement
  • The Tripod
  • The Motion of Handheld
  • The Slider and Gimbal
  • Quiz 4: Camera Movement

Light for Video

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